13 habitats you can travel through!

Join Linvingstone in his explorations!

Amazing true sounds of animals!

Over 80 animal in their naturale habitats!


Livingstone is a simple and intuitive educational game, designed for the younger children who cannot read yet, and enriched with realistic sound effects.

With Livingstone children will learn about the different natural habitats and populate them with plenty of cute animals: an exciting journey through the Australian deserts and the deep seas, discovering the forests and the secrets of the ponds or wondering in the thick of the jungle. What is the call of the koala? And of the crocodile? Each animal has its natural call, and associating the corresponding silhouette will prove to be a really funny game.


  • Suitable for pre-school children: the game does not require reading skills
  • Educational: the game boosts cognitive abilities by stimulating the association between shape-sound-animal-habitat
  • Intuitive: the explorer Livingstone approves or rejects with clear movements and sounds the experience of children
  • Fast: you can have fun playing even only for a few minutes
  • Secure: there are no advertisements or requests for registration, and your settings are accessible through a filter that requires reading ability.

Designed for children aged 2-6 years.

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